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tutition and ancillary fees


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I got an offer to University of western ontario in phd program. They offered me financial support that covers tution of the following amount.

But I don't understand what ancillary fees are, if I have to pay for part of the tuition etc.. I just want to know if i will be able to survive just doing the TA or RA work. A friend of had terrible situation in another canadian university about 4 year ago.

Could anyone enlighten me roughly how much I should expect to get in my pocket per month after all fees are paid. I just need a guess to make a decision.

Here is part of the offer letter that I had doublts with:


We are pleased to offer you a generous financial support package of 15000$ per year plus the cost of tuition (ancillary fees are extra). We gaurantee that if tution fee increases you will recieve a net yearly income of 12000$.


It is your responsiblity to obtain health insurance for your self. (I am single btw)


And ancillary fees with a big health and dental fee of 446$ as shown here http://www.registrar...202011-2012.pdf

I don't know if I would get even 800# per month once I paid the fees? Is that correct ?

Could I leave just by being a TA and no other extra work ? If some one studied in UWO please help. It is greatly appreciated.

Thank you.

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Hello :)

It looks like your ancillary fees are about 718 per term. This would mean about 2154 if you go three terms a year or 1436 if your program is two terms.

You have 15000 for now (tuition is covered before that) and at least 12000 regardless of how much tuition may increase. That would leave you with about 1070 per month if you are in a full year program (three terms). If your program is two terms, you will have more. If you do not work in the summer, you'd have about 1130 a month. On the other hand, if you decided to work during the summers, you could have up to 1695 per month (your stipend is then only needed for 8 months of the year, with the last four months being available for you to work and earn other money).

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