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ECE Purdue or Columbia


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I was admitted to the Masters degree program in Electrical Engineering in Purdue University and Columbia University. I am interested in Smart Grid (Power Systems + Control Systems) research area. So, which one should I choose, Purdue (high ECE ranking of 11) or Columbia (ivy league).

Here is also how I am thinking:


- High ECE Ranking of 11

- Low National Ranking of 46

- Boring area (west Lafayette)

- Lot of courses in ECE and Power Systems

- High retention rate

- Thesis option available

Columbia University:

- High National Ranking of 4 (ivy league)

- Low ECE Ranking of 22

- New York is a convenient city (subway, shopping, entertainment in weekends, ...)

- Lack of courses in Power Systems

- Instead of Thesis, they allow for a max of 6 credit hours of Research (no thesis defense)

What do you think, Purdue or Columbia?

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depends what you want to do. would you want to go into academia, get an engineering job, do consulting/finance/government policy, etc? If you know for sure you just want to get into an engineering job, purdue might be a good fit. Columbia will give you much more options in what you would like to do with your career in the future (yes, as bad (or not) as it is, the ivy title does help, especially in really snotty places like consulting/finance/think tank locations). and why do you think 22 is a low ranking (i do not think it is?)? That being said, the overall living, research, lab, and culture fit should be driving your decision, not rankings.

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i am not sure how things are in india, but here research productivity is most important factor in landing an academic job. holding that equal, school name will set you apart. i would suggest that you take a good look at who you can work with, and what are the typical outcomes and publication rates of the students in his/her lab. ivy league/brand name schools typically have higher placement into academia than others.

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