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Texas A&M Mrktg Vs. Medill IMC


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Dear All,

I am a MS in Marketing applicant from India, who has three years of work experience in B2B marketing specifically in the telecommunications Industry. I have recently been admitted into two prestigious programs:

Texas A&M, MS in Marketing : With scholarship and residentship CoA is $ 22k

Northwestern Medill IMC Program: No scholarships, CoA is $ 122K

I love Medill IMC's vibrant class profile, course-work and brilliant faculty- pioneers of Mrktg...But at the same time it hard to access whether it is worthwile to invest in such an expensive program(solely will be relying on loans, this economy, is that reliable?) which has more of a B2C focus.

My main objective is to study math marketing principles and application of such models. While Medill IMC is data driven, TAMU course seems to have more of an overall marketing concentration with focus on consulting projects.

Quite confused.

Please input your thoughts?

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Texas A&M is really popular for international students because of its great value: the tuition is very low and the programs are very strong, especially its business program. In other words, it's a great value school. Northwestern has a more prestigious program, and you can't go wrong if you can afford it or if you are willing to pay back loans for a long time.

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