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Georgia Tech SCE vs. UT Austin ORIE


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Recently I got two admits from Supply Chain Engineering (SCE) program in Georgia Tech and ORIE in UT Austin. Now, which school I should go to is a tough problem for me:

1. Supply Chain Engineering program in GIT is a brand new program held by GIT ISyE and the faculties of the program are all the most prominent faculties in supply chain, logistics and transportation areas in ISyE.

2. I heard a lot about ORIE in UT Austin that this program's main concentration is OR....

3. Both cities (in my view), are awsome...

4. The biggest issue for me is the length of these two programs. SCE is a one year program while ORIE in UTA is two years. As an international student, program length is critical for me because I need time to adapt to the environment and look for job after graduation. Although GIT says the SCE program is a kind of "professional master", it will have classes with industry partners and it will have special career service for this program, I still concern a lot about its length.

So, could you give me any advice on the two cities & states (Austin vs. Atlanta, Texas vs. Georgia) and on the two programs....Many Thanks!

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