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Goldman or Heinz?

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Hi everyone, new here. I've been lurking for awhile and I really like the community here. I could really use some help here and maybe this discussion could help other people in the same situation as me.

Goldman with 10K (also opportunity for GSI/GSR)

Heinz with 12K

UCLA with full

UT Austin with full

Initially I was leaning to Berkeley because I'm interested in drug policy and domestic issues related to it. However, as of late I've been rethinking whether or not I want to pigeonhole myself unnecessarily. International issues (mainly Sino-US stuff) has piqued my interest as of late and I want to keep my options open as I explore an MPP program.

Goldman obviously has a great alumni network in the Bay Area, with some placement in DC and internationally. I'm regretting not applying to Johns Hopkins or SIPA (international specialties) but I have to make do with what I have now.

Given my goals, which program do you think would afford me the most opportunities to explore these interests? Goldman, Heinz, and UCLA all have prominent figures in the drug policy field but Heinz seems to have a more well-rounded job placement and program.


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All great options. I think you have to ask yourself where you plan to live post-grad school. Cal has a national brand name. CMU is especially prominent on the east coast. UCLA is great too but I'm not convinced Luskin has the same prestige that UCLA as a whole does.

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