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English vs. Comp Lit-advice!

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I'm currently an English undergrad at a top LA college, and want to pursue graduate study in either English or Comp Lit. From what I understand, it seems that CL is much more competitive, especially if you are not a major. My concern is that doing a general English program will not allow me to do interdisciplinary work. I'm a junior and only realized this year that I am more interested in CL. I have two foreign languages, and plan to have a third by the time I graduate, but I'm not sure that this will allow me to compete with CL majors. I also read somewhere that graduate schools look at upper level foreign language classes to assess your language skills, but I'm not sure if that's true--if not, how DO they assess these skills (recs, etc?).

My senior thesis will be on translation, and my main concentration is poetry, especially modern and contemporary. I'm also a philosophy minor, and am interested in phil and lit. Does anyone know any English programs that allow interdisciplinary work? I've researched MA programs in the UK, and Cambridge has a Culture and Criticism MA that advertises an interdisciplinary focus. Dartmouth also has a CL MA, but I can't find any info about its reputation (I know unfunded MAs in the U.S. are not well regarded).

My other concern is that my school's dept does not have a very structured major that requires you to take a very many specific courses, or courses in historical sequence. Do you think this will hurt my chances of being accepted to a more traditional Eng program? I've realized that my course selection probably looks very scattered (with the exception of a clear interest in poetry). Are there any courses that I should definitely take for grad school (i.e. Lit Crit)?

Sry for the long post, but I want to plan accordingly for my senior courses!

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