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Goldman vs Ford


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I'm looking for advice on a difficult decision that is, at this point, driving me crazy: Goldman School with a $10,000 departmental fellowship and the chance of a TA/researcher position in year 2, or the Ford School with a full tuition waiver. I'm interested in financial regulatory policy (currently work at the new Consumer Financial Protection Bureau), and am primarily interested in an MPP to develop quantitative analytical skills.

At either school I'm weighing the idea of applying to the joint MPP/JD program during my first year. I also have to take into consideration the fact that my girlfriend, who currently lives in DC, would move with me and need to find a job, likely in the food service industry.

I'd love to hear anyone's thoughts on:

1) The comparative prestige of both schools

2) Strength of the quantitative programs at both

3) Ability of first year MPPs to gain admission to the JD programs at both

4) Availability of courses on financial regulation/services

5) Whether Berkeley justifies additional debt

Thanks all!

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I did an exchange at the Goldman school, and California public policy/state government is heavily emphasized ... it would be a good place to go if you're interested in building connections to work in Sacramento or the bay area. My sense is that Ford is more quantitative (calculus is part of the core curriculum, which isn't the case in most other MPP programs I think). I have lived in both Berkeley and Ann Arbor, and it will probably be easier for your gf to get a job in the Bay, since Ann Arbor is a small college town. However, by "food service industry" if you mean a cafe or coffeeshop, there are plenty of those in both places.

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