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I've already been accepted to UNC (History Dept) but am hoping to find out some info for some friends of mine. I know two people who are wait-listed at UNC for Classics, and they really want to go there over their other current options.

I was wondering if anyone here has been accepted and feel that they will/will not accept UNC as of yet... or if anyone has any inside info, for that matter.

I know that it's not quite April 15, and I don't mean to come off as trying to pressure anyone, I'm just trying to find out if there's any positive info that I can deliver to my friends who are wait-listed in Classics.


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I was accepted at UNC-CH in the Classics department and declined last Thursday (I'm still deciding between UVa and Berkeley). Actually, Veilside, I had assumed that you got my spot, since you posted your acceptance the next day. But I didn't realize you were in history. So maybe there's a chance the spot I declined will trickle down? Good luck to your friends! I hope they get in!

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I just visited and rather liked it, but I still have two other visits, so I won't be making my decision until the middle of the last week at the earliest. Unfortunately I'm still waiting on some funding offers, so I can't even be sure of that. Good luck to your friends!

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