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MPA Decision-CIPA vs Maryland vs Maxwell


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Hello everyone! I am looking for any kind of suggestions that would help me better make the decision... I am choosing between CIPA MPA (20,000$/y) , Maryland MPP and Maxwell MPA (10,000$ in total).

I am from China and wanna make my specification in either economic or international policy. After the program, I would like to find jobs in the US in consulting area (private/public), and later transfer to public area for non-profit with accumulated network and management capacity.

Knowing that MPA is really hard for international students to get ideal jobs in the States, I am trying to choose the program that would better help me realize my goal. Here are some pros and cons that currently I can think about...

Ranking: Maxwell is way better

School Reputation in China: can't deny the Ivy effect...Cornell wins

Location: not good for all the three, but Maryland seems better coz it's quiet close to DC, or CIPA is within 3 hours' drive to NYC

Curriculum: CIPA is very flexible and Maxwell is very strict... heard that Maryland MPP can share credits with American U, GWU...

Alumni: not very clear, which would be better in NYC or DC?

Overall: I am slightly leaning to Cornell with its flexible curriculum, more abundant funding and private-orientation, moreover, heard that though it's relatively young, its alumni has already been in DC and NYC. But I am really curious about the ranking of Maxwell and the advantage in politics study in U Maryland.

Are there anyone who has the same situation with me? Or anyone who is in the program and has a definite answer for it? Any comments are appreciated. Thanks a lot!!!

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I would suggest that you further investigate the faculty within each program. The reputation of the program you complete will be important in many ways, but you may find that one program's faculty specializes in your area of interest.

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Hi, can I know what program you ultimately chose? 


I'm an International applicant as well and have an admit from Cornell CIPA for MPA and want to know what were the factors that made you arrive at a decision.



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