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Supplementary Recomendation Letter for Waitlist


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So I found out today that I'm on the wait list for the only grad school that I applied to.

I received a kind email from the graduate director stating that they think highly of my application.

When I told one my mentor professors (at my current university) about being waitlisted she was shocked that I wasn't accepted.

Do you guys think it is a good idea for me to send in a supplementary, "post-waitlist" recommendation letter from my prof?


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Perhaps a recommendation letter is not the most effective form of communication. Have you given thought to sending a revised letter of intent outlining how you fit specifically with that department and locating potential supervisors? I have noticed that many departments will place candidates on a wait list for reasons surrounding fit, and more generally, adequate supervision.

If I were in the same position, I would first send another Letter of intent which displays how I fit with that department specifically rather than a LOR.

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From what I understand, once you are on a waitlist the main thing that influences whether you are accepted or not is whether the people in front of you end up attending the program or not and what kind of funding the program is able to give out. I doubt that adding extra credentials will change being on a waitlist. If other students who are offered admission end up attending then they go to the next person the waitlist and so on down the line. If you add an extra letter of recommendation I don't think they would un-offer admission to somebody and offer it to you instead. That is just what I think, but I am 100% positive.

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