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Quick question about applying to PhD programs


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I know this may seem silly, but ideally when do you apply to PhD programs? During the second year of your masters or after you are done? What have you done, heard, seen, etc. I don't want to apply then and seem as if I am not committed to there program while I am applying.

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Hi, I have not been admitted to any programs. But I did formally start the application process a few months back. This is my second year and the program is over in April. But my degree will not be conferred until mid May. The schools I am applying to require my degree to be complete and conferred. Officially started the process in my second and last year.

As far as commitment goes it would also depend where you really want to study. I wouldn't want to waste much time (and much of their time) without researching where I really want to go. Plus it costs money to apply. Weigh all your options and start considering which programs you really want to pursue. I hope that helps.

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I finished my masters 4 years ago. I decided that I wanted to get some work experience under my belt before I did my PhD. I think my work experience helped me get my acceptances over other applicants who are coming straight out of their masters. :)

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