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Visa for a spouse


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Hi All,

I just got in to Columbia University (masters in social work) - Woohoo!

Now the hard part begins...

Does any of you know how can my boyfriend get a visa? (-he is not a student).

Is there a visa type for student's spouse?

Is there any process in which we can declare that we are in a long, committed relationship and it will improve his chances to get a visa?

Thank you!


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You have to be married. The US immigration laws do not recognize any other kind of relationship status. If you're married then your spouse can get a dependent visa - F2 or J2, depending on the visa that your university issues you (you'll get a F1or J1). There are consequences to having these different visas. You should visit the IHOG forum, where you can find more information about your question.

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Even if you are married, it's not a shoo-in that your spouse will get a visa. One of my officemates had this problem. She and her husband did a very-long-distance relationship for two years while her husband frantically tried to get accepted to programs in the area (and looked for jobs, too). He ended up getting into grad school about 500 miles away, which was the only way he could get a visa. So now they're in a not-so-long-distance relationship. At least they now see each other every month instead of once a year. :(

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