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Rollin' on Northeastern

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So I just completed my application to Northeastern's MA program. I have a couple quick questions: does anyone know how long I can expect to hear back from them, since I missed the priority deadline and they're now on rolling admissions until August? I'm hoping not too long.

Second: I'm really afraid that they're going to think they're a back-up since my app is so late, that I don't really care if I get in or not. This is not true. I really actually do want to go there, I just didn't find out about their program until right after the priority of Feb 1. I guess this is a dumb question, but any ideas on how to convince them that I really really like them, other than in my SoP (which I did in there, I hope). Maybe like an ecard or something, just to brighten up their day.

Ugh. This process still sucks.

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