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Any tips on getting into the following schools? Social Stratification


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Dear Reader,

I am interested in applying for grad school for sociology, specifically social stratification. I am interested in the following schools but I'm not sure how difficult it is to get in; I've been reading some threads on here, and it seems quite hard but I thought I would still ask if I have a chance.

I am currently a double major in Law and Society and Women's Studies at Purdue University with a 3.2 over all GPA and a 3.4 major GPA. I am doing research about the elevated glass ceiling this summer with my professor, and I currently have an internship at the YWCA Domestic Violence shelter , then I am going to start doing the hotline this summer and next semester.

Do I have a chance at the following schools? If anyone has personal experience or suggestions, besides raising my GPA, on how to make myself more marketable that would be highly appreciated! I have one more year left in school so it's kinda impossible for me to make it that much higher. ALso I am retaking 3 classes next semester, will that make a difference?

- Purdue University

- University of California - San Diego

- University of Pennsylvania

- New York University

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