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Baruch (Zicklin) vs Fordham MBA


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I was recently accepted into CUNY Baruch's (Zicklin Graduate School of Business) and Fordham's Graduate School of Business Full-Time programs. I am seriously weighing the benefits of each program, but I cannot come to a decision...

...on one hand, Baruch is significantly cheaper, and they would cover half my tuition. They offer more specializations at Baruch than Fordham, but their Full-Time program is small compared to their MS in Accounting program...so most recruiters who come to the school are from accounting and maybe corporate finance firms. I am not sure what I want to specialize in, possibly management (as I am doing now), marketing or finance, but definitely not accounting. But I am not sure how much this matters...that is, I do not know if at most business schools that you are expected to network on your own rather than use the school's resources.

...on the other hand, while Fordham is significantly more expensive (about $50k more! I also got a small scholarship from them), it seems like they offer smaller classes than Baruch and have more recruiters come to the school. But their statistics are comparable to Baruch's it seems...so I don't know if Fordham is worth it, or if I will just have to network on my own there too.

Can anyone provide any guidance on these schools? The most important thing to me is coming out with as little debt as possible getting the best job possible...I don't want to spend the money at Fordham if it won't give me an advantage...that is, I need to justify it. Otherwise, perhaps Baruch is better...but it doesn't seem like it is nearly as focused in other areas outside accounting. I would appreciate any feedback you have to offer!

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