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CMU ini Versus UIUC CS


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Hi all, I am quite struggling between these two school right now, hope to receive suggestions from you.

I was admitted to the MSIN program at CMU ini. The courses in CMU and the brand name are both great. But my concerns are the tuition is really expensive and it is not a traditional MS program in computer science. Also I heard that there are too much international students and it is not hard to get admitted.

Another program is the UIUC MCS program, it's a non-thesis program in computer science. I have little knowledge about this program, but I do know that UIUC is a top-school is this area. So could some seniors to tell me something about the program in terms of the curriculum, the background of students and the placement after graduation?

I'd like to find a job in tech company after graduation, so which one is better choice for me?

Thanks in advance.

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Having completed a PhD program...

All of what you write makes a lot of sense except for:

Also I heard that there are too much international students and it is not hard to get admitted.

That statement, and I have no idea whether it is correct or not, has no bearing on CMU's job placement in CS.

That being said, all else being equal between programs, I would follow the money and not mortgage your future (CMU is very very expensive unless you were given a financial award).

I would call UIUC career services office and ask your questions directly.

I do know CMU has an incredible career services, at least for my intended program. I just went to admitted students day and every student graduating in May 2012 already has accepted a job offer (all but one who is currently interviewing).

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Got it. I do have financial award from CMU, but it is still more expensive than UIUC. So whats your opinion about UIUC career service? It is kinda remote in terms of location. Maybe some small start-up company wont go there to hire employees.

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