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applying to Ph.D programs in pure mathematics


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Hello everyone. I'm new to this site. I have a couple questions concerning Ph.D programs in pure mathematics. First, my situation. I've been accepted to Kent state university's program, however, the graduate assistant positions are still being decided. I must get the GA, otherwise I have no way to pay for the entire program. I will graduate with a M.Sc degree in mathematics this semester with roughly a 3.95 GPA (final grades will post in May). My undergrad GPA is less (3.34 including the engineering courses, but a 3.6 in math courses), but still not terrible. I've been in school since 2003. I started my career as a mechanical engineering major, but switch to mathematics during the middle of my undergrad career, thus prolonging my undergrad career. I finished my B.A in mathematics in 2010, with no engineering degree. Will this reduce my chances of getting the GA position, or will my excellent graduate record compensate for this?

I've also applied to the university of Toledo. I'm waiting to hear something from them.

Another option is to teach as a math instructor (lecturer) at my current school. I have several other schools interested in my resume as well. I need advice.

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