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Is anyone still waiting to hear from Loyola Chicago's PhD program? There has been one rejection and one waitlist posted to the results board, but nothing else. I have not heard anything at all from them and I am getting antsy. I am ready to make a decision already! I called the program on Monday and they told me they were still "rolling out decisions." I also emailed the grad advisor a few days ago but didn't receive a response. I know it's a small program and they only take a few people, so perhaps their admits are just not grad cafe folks. Did anyone else here apply to this school, and if so, have you heard anything at all? Thanks.

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I'm actually relieved to hear that you have had the same experience. I also emailed the powers that be and have not heard anything. What's going on over there? I applied there a couple of years ago and they were much more organized. I can't imagine that they're simply ignoring anyone who didn't get in the program. If I don't hear anything soon, I guess I'll assume I'm not in the running and take one of my other offers...

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From what I can tell, Loyola still hasn't notified from wait list or for rejection. Not that everyone hasn't already figured out their situations for next year. To me, this is just insane. Final decision week was April 15th, and to not notify your rejections by then? I cannot comprehened such poor communication on behalf of a renowned institution. Anyone else heard anything?

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