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USC MSW Advanced Standing Fall 2012


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Hey, I was wondering if anyone is considering or has applied to the USC MSW Advanced Standing for Fall 2012. It's brand new, so I'm not sure if there's any feedback to the program. I spoke with the admission person who's in the San Diego campus; he tried selling to me about applying to that campus. In all honesty, I can't afford relocating. But anyways, I did the math, but I'm not sure if it's correct:


Sem1: 6 units | 2,000 x 6 = 12,000

Sem2: 16 units | = 21,081

Sem3: 13 units | 2,000 x 13 = 26,000




Sem1: 6 units | 2,000 x 6 = 12,000

Sem2: 10 units | 2,000 x 10 = 20, 000

Sem3: 13 units | 2,000 x 7 = 14,000

Sem4: 6 units | 2,000 x 6 = 12,000

Sem5: 6 units | 2,000 x 6 = 12,000



I rounded it to $2,000 because it's better to overestimate than under. So if someone got a different number to the cost of the advanced standing, please tell me.

I'm wondering if I'm the only person who's debating about going with that tuition cost and if the education is still high-quality, especially since the field internship is only a couple of months. Would we really be benefitting or learning much? Since it's a brand new program, what should or can we expect as guinea pigs?

Any feedback is appreciated.

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