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Just some encouraging words as April 15th approaches...


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A crisis of choice, of ample opportunity can make you feel immobilized and scared - that's ok. Sleep on it, eat a cookie, seek counsel from authentic folks. But at some point you must trust yourself and settle into the strength and courage of your convictions. So much to see and achieve in this world...how silly we are to think there are only a few answers to our midnight pondering. We love seeing you out in the world, even if we don't remind you of that often enough. Love to you and yours.

Good luck everyone =) If you're wondering about the obstacles that I am facing with my decision, well, I am on the verge of leaving a place that I have created a home with my long-term partner. I might be moving to a place that people have labeled as "the middle of nowhere" and I live in a place that has the highest quality of living right now. But this would be for my dream, my passion, my motivation to complete something that I never thought would ever even be an opportunity.

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