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Enrollment verification transcript, PLEASE HELP!!

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Hi guys,

So my situation is this: I was accepted to a summer internship program overseas which pays for my airline ticket and quite a bit of stipend while I'm there. Recently the program director told me that my there is a problem with my application for a work permit (they apply for the work permit for me) because the Student ID that I sent to them expired on May 2012 (I graduate then). They need proof that I will be a student during the time of internship. Since I am going to enter UCLA for graduate school in the fall, I do not yet have a student ID from UCLA. I need to provide some sort of proof of enrollment to the program in the next week or so.

I will call to ask UCLA what to do tomorrow but in the mean time does anyone have any suggestions from previous experiences with this situation? Has anyone tried to get a verification transcript from their graduate school before they even step foot on that campus? Any advice or thoughts is appreciated....

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Unfortunately, you're not technically a student this summer. So it could be a problem.

Can you delay your graduation from the undergrad until the next convocation (October?) without messing up your grad school?

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Is there any way that you can take a credit of directed studies this summer with a professor at your current university? Perhaps something related to the internship you will be doing overseas?

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