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Decision: UNC-CH, SUNY Purchase, or Glasgow School of Art?


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I'm a sculptor working primarily in steel trying to decide between these three schools. I also got in to SFAI but funding wasn't working out the way I would have liked.

UNC-CH is offering a really good deal plus a stipend, SUNY Purchase is offering a good deal (almost 100%), and Glasgow doesn't let you know about funding until after you say yes.

Glasgow would be great but their metal shop is only open one day a week. I am concerned about the program reputations of UNC and SUNY P... although they are good programs they were not what I was planning on.

Any thoughts? Should I wait and apply again next year? I'm at a stalemate and have thought myself into a knot.

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oops didnt see t=the stipend with UNC-CH I wouldn't accept a position in another country without knowing about any funding if I already had a free ride from a reputable university at home. Unless it was imperative to my work that I travel elsewhere to make it! Although GSA is a very good school.

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