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Hunter vs Queens vs Brooklyn SLP program


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I am wondering if anyone could tell me any information about these 3 programs. I have only been accepted to Brooklyn so far, had an interview at Queens, and haven't heard from Hunter yet. However, I have to tell the other schools in NC I was accepted into yes or no by April 15th! So, I'm trying to gather any information possible about these three programs so I can go ahead and rank my preferences! I've heard mixed reviews, so any positives and negatives you know of would be great! Thanks and good luck to everyone applying! :)

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I just heard that the faculty were not super friendly and they were a bit disorganized. But, other than that I haven't heard too much! It seems to be a pretty good program other than that though, and it seemed that they had some cool research going on there! Do you think you'll end up going there?

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