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What Grad School Field Gives the Most Hits in the Results Search?


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This question came to me while I was looking at the most recent Math postings. I noticed that there were over 6,000 math-related posts, but I thought to myself: "There must be another subject with more results..."

So I started a quest to find the most popular grad school field! Psychology was naturally my first guess, which easily beat Math with 8,618 results. Then I tried English, which surpassed Psych with 9,790 results. I thought this might be the final winner...but yet another field emerged on top. With 10,924 results, the most popular field I've found so far is...Computer Science!

Can you find a more popular subject?

Related question: Can you find which WORD gives the most results? I don't think any word can beat "University".

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2nd most popular word I found was "computer" with 14,915.

How about most popular schools? The following had over 4,000:

Columbia 6183, Berkeley 5512, Stanford 5026, Harvard 4816, Yale 4064, Cornell 4021

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