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La Salle vs. NYU SLP please help!!


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Hi everyone,

So I'm deciding between La Salle and NYU for Speech Pathology, and am having trouble in making any sort of decision. NYU is really, REALLY expensive (i did get a little scholarship money and a work study grant...but everything else is in loans). I LOVE this school and i love NYC, which is why I'm so attracted to the program. They also have a lot of research going on that I'm interested in.

La Salle is ranked lower, but I've heard that they have a decent program. It is also a fraction of the cost to go to NYU. I've heard that no matter where anyone goes, the SLP program will be decent, and that it really isn't worth it to go into so much debt *(like I would be at NYU). But again, I'm not entirely sure, which is why I'm asking here.

If anyone has any advice, please post! Any help is much appreciated! =]

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I know I'm replying pretty late, but I am currently taking Pre SLP online classes at La Salle. I am really satisfied with the way they handle the classes and the registration process. Some like small class sizes, and La Salle definitely has that. There are less than 20 people in each of my classes. I also have a friend at NYU who says that the classes are huge. Her own class consists of over 50 people. And I heard housing is hard to find as well.

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