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Anyone heard of the Geneva School of Diplomacy & IR?


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Does anyone here ever heard of this school especially their MA-IR program? What is their reputation? Also their MA-IR is just one year... There is no info on their website regarding employment of their grads too. I like the idea of studying in Geneva and living/working there after graduation so this part is really important to me. Is the MA-iR program worth taking? Will it be marketable to the many international governmental organizations in Geneva?

Insights please :)

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I'm actually torn between schools in Geneva and NYC, two of the three places I believe are capitals of IR (the third would be DC). It will be cheaper to take the one year program at Geneva but there are very limited funding and no student loans available plus the fact that I don't know anyone from that area. :lol:

Nonetheless, the place looks beautiful. By the way they have an English website...

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