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Canadian schools for CS Theory Masters


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I would very much appreciate your input on the following problem. I am a Canadian student looking to do my masters (in Canada) in theoretical computer science (combinatorics, optimization and discrete math). So far I have been admitted to Mcgill computer science as well as the Combinatorics and Optimization program at Waterloo. I have also been invited for the visit day for UofT computer science. If hopefully I get accepted to UofT as well how would you say that these three programs rank? At UofT and Mcgill I would be part of the discrete math group so I don't think that there would be a huge difference in the area that I will be, between the three programs. So far it seems like both Mcgill and Waterloo are offering me full funding at around 22000/year. I assume that if I obtain an offer from UofT it would be with similar funding. I would be most interested in knowing which of these programs has the best reputation / research. My goal is to go on for a PHD, if possible at the same school.

Thank you for all your help,

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