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University of Illinois - Urbana Champaign vs. University of Texas - Austin: Materials Science Ph D.


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Both are great schools of course, UT Austin has a professor that's world renowned, and is willing to offer me a position.

UIUC has a stronger all around program it seems, though I won't be matched up until I start in the fall.

I would prefer the cooler climate in Illinois but that's really not a deciding factor. I'd be by myself to begin with if I went to Illinois, whereas for Texas I'd be with a classmate that's also relocating down there for his profession, again, not a deciding factor.

Both schools have really great projects that I'd like to work on,

So which one would you guys suggest?

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I'd choose UT Austin if the position is promissing. UT Austin is a great school and Austin is a great place to live. Its more of freezing cold weather in Illinois I don't know if you really like that better!

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