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Waitlist urg!


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So I've been waitlisted to my top choice, which is totally frustrating, but I have a problem. It's also my only choice; I really wanted to go there and nowhere else so I only applied to one school, which may have been stupid, but it's what I did this round. Do I send an email to the DGS or my POI before April 15th? I don't know. I want to let them know I'm still excited about the program but have no leverage without other acceptances. Thoughts? I would also like comments to better my app for next year and don't want to rub anyone the wrong way. Do I ask now or after the reject??? This process blows, BTW.

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I would e-mail the director of the graduate program that you are applying to re-stating that it is your number one choice and how excited you are about the program, etc. If you have done anything else since the application (cool new project, volunteer experience, etc) I would add that too. It will go in your file and if/when waitlist applicants are re-assesed that will be in your file. If it is an unranked waitlist it can help you move up to the top because they know you will accept the offer.

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