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Career as Financial Analyst

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I am an undergraduate students with major in Mechanical engineering.

But I am more interested in pursuing my career as a Financial Analyst.

I have got admit for masters program in Industrial Engineering from University of Washington. I am planning to take my major as operations research. I am also allowed to takes few courses (17 credits) from stats, maths department.

Can anybody tell me what kind of courses should one take?

Is it possible for an undergraduate to take courses related to Opearations Research without any background oc commerece to becomes one.

Is it possible to form a strong in finance using my above course work? Or should first do only OR , gain experience and then do MBA in finance??

Thanks in advance.

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From what I know, applicants with a background and career goal like yours mostly choose to have a mba degree, after few years of work. Then they would get a position in IBD or counsulting firms.

In my point of view, finance is not just about math or statistic but concerns morn on analysis methords and modeling.

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