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University of Arizona vs SUNY BUFFALO for MS CS FALL 2012


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For MS-Cs, is University of Arizona better or SUNY,Buffalo?

M totally confused. I have been getting mixed comments till now.

Most of them say "It all depends on how good ur profile is and what gpa you get, etc..."

Assuming my profile remains the same -- well maintained with the same efforts irrespective of the univ I go, which university is better among these two??

Main factors: Job, intern, TA/RA, weather, cost of attendance (most said SUNY is cheaper than UA).

Job: Is majority of the job offers bagged by the students, through the campus Fair or by applying to companies online? (Both the universities)

Intern: Some said that it is difficult to get interns at SUNY, Buffalo unless and until the profile is too good or one has contacts to refer.

[Note: I dont have any coding contest certi's in my profile but otherwise I have a decent resume. I dont have any contacts either.]

TA/RA: What are thr chances that a MS-CS student will get these assistanships in the 2nd sem? Preferably TA.

I need help to decide between these two universities. I didn't get to collect any info on UA-CS. None whom I know, knew about UA.

Does anybody prefer one over the other?

Plz gimme some valuable information on a comparative scale.

Seniors/friends plz throw some light. Need your guidance.

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I don't know too much about either program, but my intuition is leaning me towards Arizona. Buffalo is not known to have spectacular programs in much, including computer science.

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I was accepted to SUNY Buffalo but offered no funding so I decided not to go there. For what it's worth, my friend who goes to another SUNY school said the SUNY system is really struggling so it may not be the best decision financially for you. I know nothing about computer science though so I can't tell you for sure!

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