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MS Applied Mathematics Program: Columbia or NYU?


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I was freak-out and just posted it in the April 15's region. I think this is the right place to ask my question.

I got two admission from Columbia University vs New York University in Master of Science Applied Mathematics program.

I am confused to decide because someone says NYU's program is practical and useful and easy to find a job after graduation, others say Columbia U is more famous though its APAM department is small. I don't know which one to choose: famous department or famous school?

Meanwhile, I'm thinking to transfer to a PhD program in applied mathematics, but someone also tells me it maybe hard to transfer to a PhD program and get fund in an Ivy school. If I cannot transfer, then I have to find a job after graduation. I don't know whether a student from CU's APAM MS program can successfully find a job.

Does anyone know which program is better? Which department is a better choice?

Does anyone know if it is really hard to transfer to PhD program during master years and get the fellowship in Columbia? Also, if I go to CU and cannot continue as a PhD, is it hard to find a job after graduation?

Does NYU's program is really as strong as its ranking(#1 in New York Times)?

Plz give me any information you know or you think is valuable. The deadline is approaching and I really need your guidance!

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