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Only person in my cohort

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I just found out that I am probably going to be the only student in my cohort this fall. They extended offers to 2 other students, but they ultimately were recruited some where else. I am still very excited about the school I am attending, as it is an excellent program and a perfect fit for me, but I was just wondering if any one else had this experience. Any major pros and cons, besides the obvious fact that I won't have any one who knows EXACTLY what I'm going through. Advice?

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I don't have any personal experience in this arena but during my application cycle, I met students who did.

Pros: Increased faculty attention and less competition for research opportunities. Older cohorts will likely adopt you, share past experiences, and "show you the ropes".

Cons: You will experience milestones (i.e. comps and qualifying exams) alone and there won't be a basis for comparison for your work (i.e. they will be able to tell if a question was unfair if everyone taking the exam struggled with an answer).

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I agree with busybee3. Professors will give you their special attention, and you will also enjoy many chance to get paid from various RA jobs. It'd be awesome. But because you don't have any colleagues in your cohort, nobody will inform you about the appropriate timing or things to do, particularly, regarding administrative stuff in the campus.

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