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American SIS versus Georgetown SPP


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Hi everyone,

I'd like some input on my graduate school decision. I was accepted to American University's School of International Service (International Affairs - International Politics) and Georgetown University's Security Studies Program. At American, I received 12 credits of tuition remission per year at American (24 credits of scholarship for a 42 credit program), plus a faculty assistantship. At Georgetown, I was awarded a 50% scholarship (18 credits of scholarship for a 36 credit program).

I have a strong interest in international security, but I'm a little nervous about the narrow focus of SSP. However, the renown of Georgetown is certainly a big draw.

Any thoughts?

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I'm not sure if my experience will be helpful, but here it is. This morning, I finally made my decision and submitted my deposit to American-- I'll be getting my MPA with a focus in international management. I've been agonizing over this for a few weeks because I couldn't shake the idea in my head that George Washington, my other top choice, has a better reputation (even though they are ranked the same). When I really looked at the courses that both programs offer, though, American has more classes that tie into my interests. And in the end we are in fact paying for an education (and credentials, but that part doesn't help us make a decision).

I don't know anything about Security Studies, except I hear its very hard to get a job in -- so I guess that could work two ways: 1) a more generalized course of study is better because you can cast a wider net for future job opps or 2) a more specific focus may make you the stellar job applicant they are looking for. I'd lean towards A, personally. Despite our best intentions, remember a lot of people go into school thinking they want to do ABC and come out with a slightly different plan. I'd suggest you take a hard look at the coursework and see if that helps you decide.

I've known in my gut for a week or so that American was the right choice... I just had to take the leap. Good luck to you!

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