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Can I get in to the NYU Masters progam for Food Studies or Boston U Gastronomy?


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I am currently 6 months out of undergrad with a Degree in Sociology (focused on agriculture, food, development, social change and stratification) and a minor in Horticulture.

Since graduation, I have attended a 4 month culinary program overseas and have attended many food festivals that have taught me different perspective. I also WWOOFed on Organic Farms while abroad. During undergrad I held 2 internships, one pertaining to healthy, sustainable foods (which is much more extensive than I am going to go in to detail about) as well as coordinating and cooked a weekly meal made of local, sustainable for 2 years and was very involved with student organizations. I know faculty and staff at the college who will write great recommendation letters in my favor. I also have restaurant experience and experience as a content writer for different environmental organizations.

That being said, my overall undergrad GPA is 2.7 and my last 2 years is 3.0. I know this is low and looks bad on my part. I didn't know what I wanted to do my first two years of college and didn't take school seriously. My GPA for the last two years is affected by me making trade offs between school and holding several internships and being involved on campus. I also had major surgery my last year while trying to maintain two internships and involvement in student organizations. In my core sociology class I have 3.5.

Is there any chance of me being admitted?

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