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got an offer from one school, but still havent heard from other (preferred school)


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Hey guys

I recently got an offer from the university I did my undergrad at to continue on into an MSc but of course I applied elsewhere and would reallyyyy rather attend the other school but I havent heard anything from them yet. The school I got an offer from has me on a time crunch too :( so what do I do? email the other school and tell them this orrrrrrrrrrrrrrr wait it out..for the week and a half I have haha ohh nooooooooooo

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Email the other school. That's what I did, I'm in the same position. I also emailed the school that accepted me and asked for an extension on the date by which I need to respond. So, they granted me an extension and the other school notified me that they want to accept me, but are waiting on some things that are out of their control at the moment. They were glad that I let them know my situation, though.

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I would email the other school and see what they say. Once you know what your status is, then you'll know whether you need to ask about an extension or not.

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