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Canadian in the U.S. frequently returning home - Visa procedures?

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Please bear with me.

I am considering an offer in NJ. If I accept, my partner and I plan to be long distance for 1-2 years and either I return to Toronto once I'm ABD or we get married (hopefully allowing him to receive a work permit on a J2 visa) and we both move to New York.

I've been reading the FAQ sections of the Rutgers Center for International Faculty and Student Services, but I haven't been able to figure out how often or what procedures are required for a Canadian student on a J1 (or F1) visa who wishes to travel home during her studies for (1) short periods (~4-5 days) every 1-2 months; (2) for longer periods (3-4 months during the summer if it is possible for me to be away).

I'm sure there are plenty of people who re-enter the US on a semi-regular basis with their visa, I'd just like to know how difficult it is.

As far as I know, based on what I've read I will need to get a signature from the international student services at Rutgers in advance of my departure from the US. I also read that it's recommended you travel with all kinds of proof of your funding and enrollment to show upon re-entry to get a new I-94 (this is where I think I'm wrong if it's for a short trip).

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you have to be careful with general faqs, as most of these do not apply to canadians. you people can apply for F1 on the border and stuff -- I am sure rules would work differently))

for instance, for anybody from overseas, visiting canada from US works differently from flying overseas -- for instance, if I am taking a short trip to canada, I do not get a new I-94, and will be readmitted for the duration of the original one. or mexico for that matter.

I think.

i have no idea whether the same would be true for actual canadians going back to canada for a short trip, but it'd be silly if rules as applying to them were somehow more restrictive ))

which being said, you may still need a travel signature, but as far as I can figure they are actually valid for a period of time -- like 6 months or something, so it is not like you need to get one every week ))

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