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Currently I have got admits from University of Illinois Chicago [MS EE], SOUTHERN METHODIST UNIVERSITY[MS TELECOM] and SJSU [MS EE] without funding and RIT[MS TELECOM] with 8.6k scholarship per year.

I am awaiting decision from UCSD [MS EE],UNCC [MS EE] and UFL [MS EE] as well.

Please let me know an honest opinion of what I should do.

Could somebody do a relative comparison of my admits in terms of Placement after MS,On-campus jobs availability and Reputation(Ranking)of the University


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Most of that is research that you will probably have to do yourself online or ask the program directly. You can't really expect people on here to just know that kind of info off-hand or to do the work for you in terms of figuring it out. You can easily look up rankings online yourself, and you can ask the program about on-campus job availability and about where their graduates end up going afterward. Once you have that info, and other positives and negatives you can think of in terms of funding, location, etc., people would be better able to help you weigh the pros and cons and help with a decision.

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