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I hope I made the right decision....


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Hey guys!

So I was conflicted between several options. This was my last year as an undergraduate at McGill University- I am a major in sociology. I always wanted to be an academic, but as time went on my interest went up and down, and I was soon ambivalent towards the idea. I thought policy would be a better fit for me, and I enthusiastically applied for MPP at University of Toronto. However, I am very interested in environmental studies, and also applied to MES Planning at York. As I still couldn't quite let the dream of becoming an academic go, I applied to Cambridge (UK) as well for MPhil-Sociolgy, with no hope of getting in.

I got in to all three, and how happy I was about Cambridge, I just cannot describe. Unfortunately Cambridge came with a huge price tag and no funding as I was a student who was taken off the waitlist. It really breaks my heart that I cannot go there, it is such a dream! However, I haven't given up hope and hope to pursue it later on.

I recently realized I am not interested in policy as I thought, and the reason academia had been nagging at my head was because I want to do my phD. Therefore I chose York, while speaking to people there, York's Environmental Studies masters is both academic and professional. You have to do research, but you can choose to do a thesis (or alternatives.) I decided it would be better to do a thesis and apply for a phD in sociology or environmental studies (maybe do a concentration in environmental sociology...hopefully Cambridge, UC Berkley) Was this the right decision? I feel confident, but at times I do not.

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