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Anyone else on the NYU waitlist?


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Hi all,

Is anyone else on the NYU waitlist? I am curious because I am, and I elected to stay on the waitlist until May 1. Tonight, I missed a call from a 212 number and came home to google what it might be. Welp, it is the phone of Vanessa Hutchinson... Asst Director of Admissions at NYU Wagner. However, she did not leave a voicemail.

Currently speculating what this means and options include:

1 - obviously, I got in!

2 - they were gonna let me in, but since I didn't pick up they called someone else (does it work like that?)

3 - she didn't mean to call me in the first place OR

4 - she will just call me again in the morning

The missed call was well after 5 PM, which is particularly interesting. Anyone got thoughts? Experience in this area? Wanna join me in speculation-ville?

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I think at this point in the year all the admissions officers are working late to accomodate the 15th deadline. That being said, a phone call is rarely a bad thing in my opinion. She may be calling to chat about something specific, maybe to see if you still want to be on the wait list? Since everyone the world over has caller ID these days, I think you could just call the number in the morning, say you had a missed call, who is this? Without sounding like an idiot though of course...

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