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Helping Students with Disabilities - Social Work or Education?


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So, like many others right now, I am attempting to decide between two different schools. Perhaps different, I am actually deciding between two programs. I applied for my Masters of Social Work in November, however I narrowed my interests more during this past year and at the last minute applies to a Masters of Education program. I was accepted to both and a lot of factors make me want to stay where I currently am, which means I would complete my Masters of Education. I think my career ambitions are perhaps more align with education as I want to assist people with disabilities transition into university. That being said, there is a lot of social work involved and I am hesitant to choose an exact program.

I have been accepted online for my Education program, however I have yet to receive an official information package. I am hearing rumours that I may be getting full funding and this program is at a university I would love to work at (and where my long-term boyfriend of 6 years lives and where my family lives, etc). The Social Work program offers 0 funding and will cost me upwards of 40 thousand for two years, but it is at a well known school with a decent program [although I have heard far too many horror stories at the same time].

It seems like Education should win hands down, but I feel like the Education degree focuses on one or two areas of interest where as the Social Work degree is much more broad and allows me to be registered.. I really have no idea what to do.. any suggestions or advice?

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