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Anyone ever changed their mind after declining?


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So...I applied to 5 schools, and I was waitlisted at my top choice, with LOTS of assurance from the dept that I was at the top of the waitlist and it looked very promising. Then I was accepted at 1 of my lower choice schools, and they wanted an answer by March 15th (Canadian). So, I declined, thinking that I would get into another school. Meanwhile, I was rejected at the remaining 3. Now, it's April 13th, and I haven't been accepted off the waitlist at my top choice. I'm really regretting declining the one offer I did get...so...has anyone ever gone back and said, "sorry, but I made a mistake, will you take me back"?! Otherwise, it's a year off between my MA and PhD, which I'm not looking forward to...

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You might be able to get your spot back in the Canadian school, especially if your supervisor hasn't made offers to other students yet. In general though, most schools are willing to extend the deadline if you are waiting to hear back from another place!

But, you shouldn't ask for the spot back unless you will 100% take it this time around. The longer you wait, the less likely the spot will still be free, but if you ask for it back, you are essentially 100% giving up on waitlisted school.

Also, because others may be making a decision at the last minute, you might still hear from your waitlist school, really soon too maybe!

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Thanks, TakeruK! I have learned a lot throughout this process and one thing, for sure, is that I should have asked for an extension! The process of graduate school application seems almost like buying property, with an offer and then a counter-offer, and a change of power with each exchange. I was not prepared for this at all! I thank you for your advice, and my fingers and toes are crossed! I just might end up approaching the first offer again and asking if there is still space available. Time will tell...

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