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Need advice for applying graduate school!


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Hi all,

I just took new GRE 3 weeks ago. Below is my profile:

GRE: verbal 151, Quant 168, Writing 4.0

Undergrad GPA: 3.97 from Portland State University, Oregon (9months ago). Major: Electrical enigneering

Working: 1 year at Intel, no publication yet

i'm gonna apply for PHD program in US in electrical engineering but don't know if my profile is strong or not.

Could you guys please give me some judgements about the level of competition and your opinions about my profile for below schools?

Graduate schools in top 20 (how competitive: very high, high, moderate, low, hopeless?) (stanford, Caltech,Uof southern cali,....)

Graduate schools in top 21-40? (U of Washington, UC at Davis, Yale,...)

Graduate schools in top 41-60?

Do you think I should retake the GRE test for the verbal and writing part?

I really appreciate your helps!

Thanks so much,

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