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Change course before Admission [Johns Hopkins University]


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Hello people,

I made the first round of admissions @Johns Hopkins for a graduate program (M.Sc.) in the Computer Science dept. I'm very interested to pursue the course but there's one complication. I wanted to do a specific majors in the field of Information Security which would suggest me applying to the M.Sc. Security Informatics program at Information Security Institute @Johns Hopkins University which I obviously didn't.

I'm highly motivated towards Information Security and the intention was well laid out in the Statement of Purpose. Now that I have the confirmation from the university for M.Sc. Computer Science, would it be fair or right to talk to the university about transferring my application to the Information Security Institute for M.Sc. Security Informatics?

Thank you for your help.

Kind regards

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Once you're in a grad program at that university, switching to a different program in the college tends to be relatively easier than applying to the university. What you could do is speak with both departments about the options and procedure for switching over.

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Only in rare cases do adcomms renege an acceptance decision, but I'd recommend that you investigate switching majors when you are already a student. First semester is usually an exploration semester, so you have more flexibility on your available options.

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Given that I've other offers in the US and Europe, I don't wish to jeopardise my place if I go to Johns Hopkins and am unable to get Information Security.

I just hope I'm not repeating myself or pestering with same questions; would anyone advice for or against talking to the university prior to accepting their offer?


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I've made it to MS Security Informatics by request. As far as I understand, it wasn't a straightforward transfer as there were two different admission committees addressing applications.

Thanks anyway.


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