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The value of RA/TA experience

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I am currently deciding between offers from two schools and I there is something that I'm not sure how major of a factor it should be in my decision. At the first school, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, I have a TA position. However, at CU-Boulder I have a TA position and a seemingly strong chance to get to do work as an RA during summers. Is getting experience as both a TA AND an RA particularly valuable? Valuable enough to be something that should be a significant factor in my decision making?

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I think this partly depends on what you want to do later (some people here seem to be very focussed on teaching). But as a professor you will not only be teaching, you will need to do research, write applications / proposals for grants and publish your research. For me it definitely was a factor in my decision because I would like to do both.

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