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Phone Call from Professor


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So I get an e-mail a couple of weeks ago from a Professor tell me that he was considering offering me a PhD position in the engineering program. I arranged to call him and spoke with him last Monday (9 days ago).

The phone call was mostly information on the program, the selection process, the stipend, the professor's research, etc. But the professor never gave me a solid offer. In fact, I don't think the topic of whether I actually got in came up ( I wish I could go back and hear the conversation again).

I'm really quite confused. I haven't been accepted by the school yet. The professor told me to call/e-mail if I had any more questions. What should I do? Should I just ask a question so that they know I'm interested? Has anyone ever encountered a scenario like this before?

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I've had this situation twice. The first time, the professor and I talked a lot about the program, his research, living in the town, etc. He also mentioned that he'd recommended me for a fellowship. It sounded like I was in already (but just not notified) and I got my acceptance email a couple days later.

The second time, it was a shorter conversation, mostly to arrange a visit. He mentioned the possibility of "extending an offer" after we talk in person (too bad the visit is OVER A MONTH AWAY).

Your situation sounds a lot like my first call - I'd hold on and see if you get something from the school in the next week.

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I've also been through this twice. I'd wait it out. They probably didn't actually offer you a place; grad-schools tend to be pretty clear about that. But they're curious about you, and they want you to know about their programs: good signs!

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