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European MA programs


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I realize this is a long shot but have any of you considered/applied to/completed any of the following programs?

MA Critical Studies, Academy of Fine Arts, Vienna

MAS Cultural Management, University of Music and Performing Arts, Vienna

MAS Educating/Curating/Managing, Academy of Applied Arts, Vienna

International MA Art History and Museology, University of Heidelberg/Louvre

...or a similarly titled Continental MA?

I would be wildly curious to know any and all experiences you've had with them, especially if you are from the US and trying to use your degree back home.


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Although I am not a graduate of any of these programs, many of my former classmates are currently pursuing MAs abroad and I have met several people in my museum work. From my limited experience, I would by no means discount any of these programs BUT I would proceed with caution, especially as you seem to want to return and work in the United States. Since many European MAs are shorter than American ones, if you want to continue on to a PhD you may not be granted any transfer credits (my new school won't even give advance standing to MAs from U of Toronto and that program is much closer to an American one than even the British degrees). If an MA will be a terminal degree for you, I would speak to people currently holding the jobs that you would like to pursue and see what their thoughts are or even the professional organizations such as AAM if museum work is your goal. I know many people who have had a wonderful experience at University College London and have returned to have VERY successful careers in conservation and collections management in the U.S. so this is a school I would recommend you take a closer look at.

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