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Aerospace Engineering - UIUC(MS-Non Thesis) Or UMich(MSE) Or PSU(PhD)


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Hi All,

I am facing a great confusion. I have been accepted by UIUC in MS Non-Thesis Program, University Of Michigan in MSE program and PSU offering PhD in aerospace engineering. Which one I should choose ?

Thanking you all in advance


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Hi All,

I have got offers from the three Univ: UIUC, UMICH and PSU(with funding).

I have not received any funding from UIUC or UMICH. So, I am confused whether to chose PSU as it is providing me funding though it is at a lower position than UIUC or UMICH. UMICH on the other hand has very high tuition fee but also has the best reputation among these universities.

So please help me out with your experiences and suggestions.

Thanks and Regards

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if you WANT to do a phd, then absolutely go where you have funding.

two reasons: 1) they want you, 2) graduate degrees are often not worth the investment, monetarily.

if you want to stop at a masters, then don't waste anyone's time at penn state.

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