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Hey everyone! For all the USC applicants, how accurate was the Apply Online portal with your decision? Also, did any of you find out another way besides mail? I heard some students were able to call and hear their decision over the phone.

I'm just impatient of course....thanks!!

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I have heard NOTHING from USC. I can't even get ahold of a real person on the phone. The only person I've been able to contact is one professor. I'm wondering if they will even bother to send out rejection letters.

Yes, I'd rather receive a rejection sooner rather than later.

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From what I know from USC (being a USC graduate)...

I believe USC uses regular mail for decisions. I have got my admission (back in 2006 by the mail)... and my rejection for PhD (sometime in 2009) by mail also.

I don't remember USC delivering decisions online.

So check your inboxes (the physical ones)

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