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Colleges for MS in electrical engineering


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According to the newest US News ranks:

Top 20 ECE schools

1. MIT, Stanford

3. Berkeley, UIUC

5. Georgia Tech

6. Cal Tech

7. Carnegie Mellon, U Mich

9. Cornell

10. Princeton, Purdue

12. UT Austin

13. UCLA

14. USC, U of Wisconsin-Madison

16. UC San Diego, UC Santa Barbara, U of Maryland

19. Columbia, Ohio State

You should probably check out potential adviser's webpages for the DSP work they are doing and see if it fits what you want to do.

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DSP is an extremely broad field. It really depends on what you plan to do with DSP. For instance, I have my Masters in EE and I focused on signal processing. I will be doing my PhD in biomedical engineering this fall because I like to apply DSP to neuroimaging, which has lots of opportunities. Since you are interested in DSP as an engineer (as opposed to a mathematician), you would be learning DSP for specific applications. Spend some time figuring out exactly how you see yourself using DSP and I am sure there are plenty of jobs out there.

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